Once Upon a Time NOT in Bollywood

Come watch SETU’s new production: Once upon a time NOT in Bollywood. An explosive original play that explores the nuances of Indian politics while a parallel fantasy emerges through embedded Bollywood songs and dances. The protagonists Malati and Praveen are moderates who are trying to survive in a world dominated by extremist ideology on either end of the political spectrum and the centrist agenda of minority appeasement. The play explores the voices of rich, middle-class, and poor people, obstacles within families for women in politics, and extreme political rhetoric. What is the fate of Praveen and Malati’s budding college days’ romance? Praveen is harboring a deep secret: will that eventually catch up to him? Find out for yourself. Recreating all the exuberance and all the complexity that is modern India, this play will be as entertaining as it is thought provoking!

CAST: Jayanti, Dhanashree, Anurag, Sridhar, Ajay JS, Ashish, Yogita, Disha, Kumkum, Monisha, Rishi, Ravi, Sushil, Nilay, Nayanika, Je-Kori, Janique, Nidhu, Chandrika, Rohini, Ridhima, Priyangini, Jitesh,  Preetesh, Tricia, Japneet

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Vasudha, Monisha, Vasundhra, Minish

COSTUMES: Dhanashree, Jayanti

PRODUCTION: Jayanti, Je-Kori, Dhanashree, Ravi

LIGHTS: Prateek, Ravi

STAGE: Sanaa, Tricia, Rohini, Sridhar

MUSIC: Meena, Japneet

PUBLICIY: Ravi, Vasu, Ronnie, Nilay, Subrata

MAKEUP: Gopika