An original play by the eminent Indian playwright, Vijay Tendulkar and translated by Priya Adarkar, is based on the real life experiences of an Indian journalist, who in the 1980's, exposed a social malaise that continues to pervade contemporary India, despite all strides taken toward modernity. The putrescent issue it brings to the fore is slave trade, an insidious problem that continues to malign the lives of millions in India. The play brings this into sharp relief through the lives of Jaisingh Jadav, a well known journalist and his wife, Sarita, a modern couple living in a middle class suburb of Delhi. A certain sequence of events in the course of a day, triggered by the arrival of Kamala, leaves the protagonists questioning their worth and their place in society.

Cast & Crew:

Jain (A fellow journalist)Amitabha Lala
Jaisingh (The Journalist)Subrata Das
Kakasaheb (Sarita's Uncle) Debashis Roychowdhury
Kamala (The Village Woman)Lakshmi Rao
Meerabai (Maidservant)Rita Sengupta
Newspaper BoySebastien Das
Sarita (Jaisingh's Wife)Jayanti Sen

DirectionSubrata Das, Rita Sengupta
Light ManagementAshish Brahma
MusicMouli Lala, Lakshmi Rao
Sound OperationGautam Bandyppadhyay
Stage DesignRadha Biswas