Power to the People

Power To The People is a farcical skit based on two short stories by the Bengali writer Sanjib Chattopadyay. A tongue in cheek take on the global energy crisis, it had a panel of leaders, politicians, scientists, beurocrats and thinkers scrambling to find a solution

Cast & Crew:

Minister of EnergyDeepak Deb
Mr. NayarSujoy De
TV ReporterSanghamitra Roychowdhury
IT KrishnanKanishka Bhattacharya
V. Gyan SinghRajeev Dixit
Biplab KumarDeven Atnoor

ScriptSanghamitra Roychowdhury
StageRadha Biswas
DirectionDebashis Roychowdhury & Deepak Deb