Once Upon a Time NOT in Bollywood

Contemporary, Politics
About This Project

The play portrays the kinds of struggles moderates face within the left- and right- wing political parties in India. Two such moderates, Malati and Praveen, have had opposing political views since their days growing up together in a village, but enjoyed a romantic relationship. Despite his love for politics, Praveen’s dream has always been to become a Bollywood actor. He sees his own life events and that of others in the form of songs and dances. His life is surrounded by fellow politicians, family, a mistress, and his own business. The play explores the voices of rich, middle-class, and poor people, obstacles within families for women in politics, and extreme political rhetoric. The main question is whether moderates like Praveen and Malati can survive in a country polarized by divisive campaigns, in their own parties infested with extreme fundamentalist ideology, and with the centrist agenda of minority appeasement.