Rape, Regret, Retribution

Contemporary, Social
About This Project

Rape, Regret, and Retribution (R3) portrays a horrific event that involves the lives of two
ordinary Indian families of different social strata. The portrayal and ramification of a life-changing event is at the heart of this play that unfolds in the main character’s dream. The main character , Jiten, living a life of conflicted self-interests and lack of tradition, leaves his wife, Karuna, and family in a small village in West Bengal to move to the big city, Calcutta, where he lives as he pleases. Not long thereafter, he becomes the center of a horrible crime, the rape and death of a young girl, Meena, destroying two families, the Banerjee and Mehta families, who come from completely different social strata. Jiten’s ordeal thereafter and death sentence culminate the play, until he awakes from his slumber.

Cast & Crew:

Banerjee Family:


Mehta Family:

Meena & the girl Meghna Singhal
Dhiraj Indranil Sarkar
Hema Jignasha Makwana
Ashok Singh Gagan Mahan
Prison Guard Harun Razith
Voice For Tejbir Singh
Voice Against Ajay Jain
President & Judge Abjishek Nagrath