About This Project

SETU’s take on the epic Ramayan that is very different from a traditional one. Written by a dozen of our own members covering all seven kands in fifteen scenes, this production will be both a humanistic and women-centric stage production brought to life by two dozen actors and dancers.

Our humanistic angle places less emphasis on characters’ traditional godly attributes but rather approaches characters as relatable, vulnerable human beings. Our colorful stage production accentuates the powerful roles of some of the lesser known women characters – Kaikaye, Urmila, and Surpanakha – just to name a few, and from Rakshasa and Vanara clans. A family friendly show; children loved the appearances from the golden deer and life-size queen of Eagle Jatayu, as well as the trial of Sita by fire.

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Ramayan: A humanistic and women-centric portrayal

Indian Epic, Women Centric