The Back Door

Contemporary, Social
About This Project

The Back Door is an English translation of the Bengali short story , ‘Khirki Darjaa’ . The play was written by Rama Joardar who is based in New Delhi, India. All of her creations have been inspired by little things in everyday existence while leading her life as a wife and a mother. The back door is a brief living room comedy with undertones of social issues in India like poverty and education. The protagonist is Sujata, a forlorn Indian housewife whose husband is too busy working and whose kids have moved to the United States of America. The story builds up as a thief enters the house with intentions of robbing her. In an attempt to scare her the thief threatens her with a knife but what follows is an emotional saga between the thief and Sujata while the husband is immersed in work oblivious to his surroundings……

Cast & Crew:

Sujata (Wife) Vasundhra Ganju
Kajol (Maid) Meghna Singhal
The Thief Abhishek Nagarath
Jiten (Husband) Aditya Sudhakar
Author Rama Joardar
Direction Mohan Dali